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Real estate properties

Why you should invest with Fundayo?

We believe there is such a thing as Joyful Investing. Investments don't always need to be only about the money. With Fundayo you get to contribute to the development of Africa and also make some money in the process.

Own a piece of a property

With as little as $500 you can become a part owner of attractive real estate properties in the heart of major cities in Africa. And there are no limits; you can invest in as many properties as you desire to diversify your investments.

High returns on your investments

Enjoy instant cash flow (up to 10% yearly) from renting out the property as well as a steady increase in the value of the property over time (up to 18% yearly).

No headache, total transparency

We handle all the details from property management to paperwork and payments so you don't need to lift a finger, and we provide you with every detail of your investment at every step of the way.

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